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What is FairDigitalEurope?

FairDigitalEurope is an initiative that represents a multinational network of cities, organisations, civil society and other entities that aims to connect as many interested partners as possible across Europe to help developing a fair model for Europe’s digital future.

We are a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas and practices between interested parties and partners regarding European digital issues. Everyone is cordially invited to take part and share one’s ideas and views. A common approach presents an ideal opportunity to put forward interests and positions to those actively participating in the legislative procedure.

Originally founded to provide information on the legislative process of the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), FairDigitalEurope continues to exist as a platform around European digital topics.

Even after finishing the DSA and DMA, the EU is dealing with numerous digital topics that concern us at FairDigitalEurope and which we report on in our newsletter. Advancing technologies will also require new or adapted laws in the future. Many other topics, e.g. problems in taxation, precarious working conditions for platform workers or distortion of competition, etc., will be tackled by the EU in the future. FairDigitalEurope serves to provide and exchange information on European legislative processes and other digital agendas.

In the context of the “Digital Decade” of the European Union, many policies are still waiting to be implemented and developed. For example, the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), the Data Act, a directive on platform work and short-term rental are currently being discussed. All news on these topics and other news from the digital world can be found in our newsletter.

Our Newsletter

If you are interested in European legislative processes and other digital news, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. Every two weeks we inform you about the latest developments in digital (legislative and judicial) developments.

Newsletter Blog

  • Newsletter from 17/08/2022

    European Union: Brussels aims for “digital diplomacy” According to a Council document, the EU intends to focus more on “digital diplomacy” in the future. The text discusses cyber security, the establishment of international standards and more cooperation with “like-minded people” in crisis management. Plans for a new EU office in San Francisco were also confirmed.… Read More »Newsletter from 17/08/2022

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Why FairDigitalEurope?

This section is dedicated to highlighting some of the issues we are addressing.

Connect with FairDigitalEurope

There is no formal membership or fee for taking part in this endeavour. You can express your interest in sending us ( a mail with your official logo (*.png) and the contact details of your unit (name, address, person in charge, phone number, e-mail) which deals with issues concerning digital or platform economy in your city, region, public entity or organisation.