What is FairDigitalEurope?

FairDigitalEurope is an initiative that represents a multinational network of cities, organisations, civil society and other entities that aims to connect as many interested partners as possible across Europe to help developing a fair model for Europe’s digital future.

About this platform
FairDigitalEurope is a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas and practices between interested parties and partners in preparation for the Digital Services Act. Everyone is cordially invited to take part and share one’s ideas and views. A common approach presents an ideal opportunity to put forward interests and positions to those actively participating in the legislative procedure.

What is the Digital Services Act?
The European Commission is preparing a proposal for a Digital Services Act by the end of 2020. This act will be the new basis for activities of platforms, cloud services or mixed digital services within the European Union and its single market. Many of such activities were formerly regulated in the E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC), which came into effect at the beginning of this millenium.

More Information about
the Digital Services Act

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